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I'm a Freelance Video Editor based in Brooklyn, New York!

I have over 8 years of professional experience in Post Production.

Since the summer of 2021, I've been working with a multitude of clients as a freelancer, creating content for a variety of brands and organizations including Children's Hospital Colorado, Carnival Cruise Lines, Albertsons, Tower28, Love Wellness, The Knot, and Crown Royal. I also have had the privilege to edit a multitude of narrative film projects, including my first feature, Cannibal Mukbang (dir. Aimee Kuge, 2023), and a multitude of short films, including my own directorial debut, VIRAL, a short horror film dealing with themes of social media addiction and loss of purpose.

I formerly served as the in-house Lead Editor for OS Studios, a full service agency specializing in eSports and gaming content. In my role I was creative lead for all things post-production, and while I was managing multiple projects with quick-turn deadlines, I was also creating video content that is impactful, engaging, and entertaining.

Before my time at OS, I was the Junior Editor for an Atlanta based production company called Craig Miller Productions, where I created a variety of videos across a multitude of clients, ranging from large corporations such as Southern Company, to small-town tourist attractions in Henry County, Georgia. 

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in the spring of 2016, and during my time there was able to explore all aspects of the filmmaking process. During my time in undergrad I fell in love with the post production process, often spending multiple late nights in our editing room, perfecting my student films. I was also able to intern at Sender Films, an adventure film production company, where I worked on the documentary feature, The Dawn Wall (2017). 

Throughout my experiences in post-production, my passion for creating video content has grown stronger, and I look forward to continuing my growth as an editor and a creative.

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